PSOLIXIR from psoriasis: clean skin and healthy life without psoriasis!

PSOLIXIR from psoriasis: clean skin and healthy life without psoriasis!

  • Eliminate psoriasis symptoms immediately
  • Cure psoriasis completely in 95% of cases
  • More useful in treating psoriasis compared to other treatment methods

So, what makes Psolixir very effective?

PSOLIXIR from psoriasis: clean skin and healthy life without psoriasis!

  1. It facilitates the removal of hard skin by softening it
  2. Reduces inflammation and itching, as well as causing the skin to feel cold and comfortable
  3. Normalizes blood circulation at the micro level and nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals
  4. Avoid complications by infecting the skin with active Singapore ions

How to use Psolixir

  • Wash the affected skin area with warm water
  • Take a little Psolixir cream with your fingertips
  • Apply on the affected area evenly
  • Wait 15 minutes for the cream to perform its function
  • For a more lasting effect, repeat at least twice a day

Components & Benefits

PSOLIXIR from psoriasis: clean skin and healthy life without psoriasis!

  1. Turmeric extract: relieves inflammation, helps relieve symptoms: pain, itching, redness.
  2. Neem extract: stops the spread of infection, prevents infection of other parts of the body.
  3. Aloe vera extract: accelerates cell renewal, cares for the skin and moisturizes it, helping to heal wounds faster.
  4. Boswellia serrata: Blocks the activity of parasites and their eggs – filarial, which releases toxins in the body, which causes psoriasis.
  5. Bhasma: Slowing down cell division and removal of the epidermis is one of the causes of the formation of wounds and plaques.
  6. Lemon oil: Enhances skin immunity, has antiseptic effect.
  7. Nutmeg oil: Makes plaque less thick, helps heal wounds without scars.

Comment on Psolixir


Tampines, Singapore

I recommend Psolixir cream to everyone. It’s great! There was a itchy itch on my back with red spots that turned into scales in the last few years. Unfortunately, the opinion of my dermatologist was not good, his diagnosis was that it was psoriasis, and after trying various types of medication, I only found that Psolixir cream has a lasting effect. Exfoliation and itching disappear in just a few days. In fact all the red spots disappear in 2-3 weeks. Even the spots do not leave any direct effect.


Serangoon, Singapore

With Psolixir, I cured my psoriasis in three weeks! This is an excellent treatment method, the effect is faster than I thought! After giving birth, I got a scaly scalp, at first I thought it was dandruff but then the scaly layer started to appear. My dermatologist recommended Psolixir cream. Upon completion of the treatment, my psoriasis was cured, as if I had never experienced it. I am very happy. I hear many people struggle with psoriasis all their lives and never get well! But I recovered from it in just three weeks!


Paya Lebar, Singapore

The irritation disappears completely; My skin becomes soft and smooth again! I feel very lucky to have discovered Psolixir. I have been suffering from psoriasis since childhood. I have tried almost everything for many years, and none of the drugs or treatments used externally were effective until I discovered Psolixir. As soon as I started using Psolixir, my psoriasis just went away. I can’t express how happy I feel now. I highly recommend Psolixir!


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