Locerin from hair loss: a natural choice for beautiful and long hair!

Locerin from hair loss: a natural choice for beautiful and long hair!

  • protects against hair loss
  • effectively supports hair growth
  • hair becomes clearly healthier
  • strengthens the structure and hair color

Locerin is a product for you, if:

  • Your hair is weakened and in need of regeneration,
  • you want to accelerate hair growth in a natural way,
  • you have split ends,
  • your hair lacks shine,
  • you have problems with styling.

AnaGain™ Nu – science and nature for the sake of your hair

Locerin from hair loss: a natural choice for beautiful and long hair!

Mechanism of action
AnaGain™ Nu was created using a method developed on the basis of DNA microarray technology. AnaGain™ Nu stimulates specific signaling molecules in the dermal papilla cells that are required to initiate the growth of new hair:

  • Noggin – a protein that shortens the telogen phase of the hair.
  • FGF7 – promotes the proliferation of keratinocytes at the beginning of the new anagen phase.

Effectiveness confirmed by research
Gene expression analysis was performed in hair follicles after a two-week treatment of 2% AnaGain™ Nu. The test results showed an increase in Noggin level by 56% and FGF7 by 85%. These results demonstrate that AnaGain™ Nu stimulates the dermal papilla to induce new hair growth.


Why is it Locerin worth buying?

By buying Locerin you get a high-quality dietary supplement containing ingredients with proven effectiveness. In addition, thanks to the money back guarantee, your purchase is risk free.

How do Locerin ingredients work?

Locerin from hair loss: a natural choice for beautiful and long hair!

  1. AnaGain™ Nu
    research confirms its effectiveness in preventing hair loss and the stimulation of new growth.
  2. Horsetail
    contains a wealth of natural silica that effectively supports hair growth, the appearance of the skin and nails.
  3. Copper
    it naturally supports the immune system, protects DNA and proteins against oxidative stress and helps maintain normal pigmentation of the skin and hair.
  4. Alfalfa Leaf
    affects the structure of the hair and their external appearance, and also helps to maintain the natural color.
  5. Bamboo Stem
    a source of perfectly absorbable silica, without which hair and nails become brittle, fragile and susceptible to destruction.
  6. Selenium SeLECT®, Biotin, Zinc
    a complex of vitamins and minerals that effectively nourishes the hair and helps maintain their health.
  7. BioPerine®
    a patented form of piperine extract, effectively supports the absorption of selenium, vitamin B6, iron and beta-carotene.
  8. Nettle Leaf
    a natural source of easily absorbable vitamins and minerals, effectively strengthens hair, skin and nails.

Locerin reviewsquote


I have been using Locerin for about 3 months. My hair has become clearly more nourished and is growing at a much faster pace. I noticed that my hair is much more resistant to external factors and the heat of the dryer and straightener.


The restrictive diet I used to lose weight left my hair in a deplorable condition. It was only the regular use of Locerin that made my hair regain its former glory. I saw the first effects after just a few weeks of use, try it yourself!


With age, my hair began to thin out. A friend recommended Locerin to me. Initially, I was skeptical but after 2 months of use I see a definite improvement. My hair became thicker and is no longer on the brush!


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