GENBRAIN to improve brain activity: pump your brain to the maximum!

GENBRAIN to improve brain activity: pump your brain to the maximum!

  • Preserves Memory Neuroprotective properties protect recall
  • Improves Concentration Ingredients improve brain cell communication
  • Boosts Mental Stamina Designed to nourish neurotransmitters

The Solution Think clearly again with Genbrain

Preserving brain function is a serious concern as we age. Genbrain was designed using special, patented ingredients to address the concerns of memory and cognitive performance.


The patented ingredients work synergistically to help synthesize neurotransmitters, improving communication between your brain cells.

Benefits of A Premium Brain Health Supplement

GENBRAIN to improve brain activity: pump your brain to the maximum!

  • Boosts Neurotransmitter Production
    Genbrain contains choline, a nutrient necessary for neurotransmitter health.
  • Strengthens Brain Cell Membranes
    Genbrain is made with phosphatidylserine, a building block of brain cell membranes.
  • Improves Brain Cell Communication
    Genbrain ingredients work together to improve neuronal networks and brain synapses.
  • Contains Neuroprotective Properties
    Genbrain is loaded with powerful ashwagandha to combat stress-related memory issues.

Powerful Ingredients of A Premium Brain Health Supplement

GENBRAIN to improve brain activity: pump your brain to the maximum!

  1. AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC Choline This patented choline compound improves neurotransmitter health and is validated by more than 30 clinical studies.
  2. SerinAid® Phosphatidylserine This patented form of phosphatidylserine is a naturally-occurring building block of brain cell membranes.
  3. Sensoril® Ashwagandha This powerful form of ashwagandha supports memory and intellect. It also has neuroprotective properties.
  4. Grape Seed Extract Derived from ground red grape seeds, this ingredient helps generate new brain cells and reduces brain inflammation.
  5. Gastrodin Derived from orchids, gastrodin fights mechanisms of brain aging and helps modulate brain chemicals in the brain.
  6. Blueberry Fruit Blueberries are known as a superfood. They promote cognitive functioning, motor skill function and memory.
  7. Hops Flower Extract Made from the hops plant, this herb helps protect against oxidative damage to brain cells linked to neurodegenerative diseases.
  8. Rosemary Herb Extract Made from the rosemary plant, this ingredient helps improve blood flow to the brain to boost performance.

The Science behind A Premium Brain Health Supplement

Genbrain is formulated with carefully selected patented ingredients that work synergistically to improve cognitive function. The health benefits of key ingredients are validated by more than 40 scientific and clinical human research studies that show the product helps enhance focus and mental stamina while simultaneously promoting mental clarity and concentration.


Together, the ingredients in Genbrain can improve age-related and stress-related memory issues.

See For Yourself What our customers have to say


“ I ordered three bottles and I’m almost through the first. I take 3 a day and really do feel better – more focused. I have been under great stress and was losing focus and was very concerned. I’m only 58 and I’m considering going on auto ship.”

“Melissa Josselson, N.D.”

“When my older patients tell me they feel forgetful, I tell them about Genbrain. The ingredients have been proven to improve memory as well as concentration and focus. It’s also helpful for stress-related memory concerns.”


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