Erogenix for potency: feel like a real man!

Erogenix for potency: feel like a real man!

The furor began with the opening of the famous porn studio “Brothers”. The company is in the spotlight after the male sex capsule products Erogenix appear in one of his ads featuring a porn star John C. Of course, the actor actually just forgot to hide the product after use. Then, the problematic video was uploaded and quickly spread across the internet as memes.


Indeed, a joke is a joke. But this makes the porn industry in general was attacked. Now it was revealed that a large penis and erection of 2 hours was not always a boon of nature, but the results of the efficacy of a product.


Your secret of great victories!

Erogenix for potency: feel like a real man!

For example, look at the history of the career of John C that had been alluded to above. During the 39 years of his career in the industry, he has starred in over 700 adult films. Despite her great experience, sexual potency like a guy who is 20 years old and his penis size is 19 cm! Needless to say, he is still one of the most popular actors in the world of porn industry.

Nevertheless, the story associated with the studio “Brothers” have led to the commencement of the search audience porn movies with titles: “Find an error in this picture”. We ask our readers if they find provocative moments like that when they watch porn. As a result, they found more than two dozen frames featuring several different actors.

An impressive professional experience and erect like a teenage boy!

Rocco D. – sexy man with a fortune of £ 10 million has the nickname of “penis multi-charge”. Rocco goes into this industry from the age of 24 years. Hard to believe, but now he is already 55 years old, she was still starring in various adult films and is known for exceptional durability and ejaculation are plentiful. But now you know the secret of how he did it!


And this man was 60 years old! He has an impressive professional experience and erect like a teenage boy – that’s what we can say about Ryan J. The actor has starred in more than 2000 pornographic film – a little more and he will be recorded in the Guinness Book. Penis magnitude, 22 cm, helped Ryan get into this industry. Now he has his own porn film studio, directed, and acted in various adult films. So, age is not an obstacle in this business! Especially if it is possible to use the achievement of the modern pharmaceutical industry.


Sleep with hundreds of beautiful and sexy woman!

Erogenix for potency: feel like a real man!

And M. of a former rugby player. Once exposed to injury, and left the sport and decided to realize his dream: to sleep with hundreds of beautiful and sexy woman and a lot of money by doing so. And he succeeded! And M. known not only by fans, but also a hetero porn gay porn movie. This actor has never hidden the biseksualnya. But to be able to have sex with men and women with good quality (and sometimes at the same time!), We require extraordinary sexual ability, which is only awarded to a few people by nature. Now we know the secret! Erogenix This product has saved users more than once.

As you can see, this product is very impressive and has refuted the myth of the super power of the pornographic film actor. And while we disclose it, it was obvious that the sex industry holds a way to increase sexual potency and enlarge the penis. We asked famous porn film director Bill Kenweed to comment on this situation.

Expert reviews

I would argue that most of the actors to use specialty products. It is a professional needs. Indeed, there is a list of specific products that most of us believe. But most often, we use products that appear in the video. This product has a rapid effect: erections long, the size of the penis look even longer and no symptoms of side effects. And for us this is the most important thing.

Bill Kenweed, porn film director



Lifetime I’ve always dreamed of living like the boys: girls sleep with Caucasians are gorgeous!


I bought Erogenix on this site last year. This capsule is very powerful! My penis enlarges a few inches and can be more frequent erections.


After taking Erogenix I no longer virgin. Before I was shy and afraid of sleeping with women with little penis. Now all is well, so the length of 17 cm and I do not have a problem with the girl at all!


I use this product for a few days. And indeed, I’ve been getting results! I want my wife every night. Previously only 2 times a week, sometimes less.


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