Candidol against fungus: it’s time to rid yourself of fungus forever!

Candidol against fungus: it's time to rid yourself of fungus forever!

  • Eliminates itching, flaking and irritation of the skin of the legs
  • Makes nails look healthy again
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Heals wounds and cracks

Tired of combating fungus?

It’s time to get rid of it forever

Candidol quickly and effectively fights fungus at any stage of the disease. It instantly penetrates the skin, creating high concentrations of healing components in all layers. It takes effect after the very first application.

Thanks to the cumulative effect, this natural remedy will not only relieve symptoms, but also create an environment in which the fungus simply cannot spread or develop in the first place. Candidol reliably protects you from fungus.

Candidol against fungus: it's time to rid yourself of fungus forever!



  • The active substances quickly reach the focus of inflammation
  • Destroy the structure of fungal cells, inhibit its reproduction
  • Reduce the unpleasant symptoms of the fungal infection
  • Remove organic residues of the destroyed fungus from the body
  • The active ingredients penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis and create an environment in which the fungus is unable to develop and grow
  • Treat the skin, heal cracks and wounds, restore the nail
  • Create a protective barrier to prevent re-infection


  1. TERPINEN. An antifungal agent with high efficiency, stops the growth of the fungus, suppresses its activity, removes spores from the body, prevents re-infection.
  2. TEA TREE OIL. The fungicidal (antifungal) effect is due to the fact that the oil contains terpenes, which destroy the structure of the fungus and inhibit the vital activity of all these pathogens.
  3. COMFREY EXTRACT. It activates the local immune system, increases resistance to pathogenic microorganisms. It not only kills the fungus, but also restores and hardens the structure of the nails on the hands and feet as well as accelerates their growth.
  4. SULFUR. It suppresses the inflammatory processes, provides nutrition to soft tissues, contributing to their regeneration. Soothes itching and pain and stimulates the blood flow.
  5. COLLOIDAL SILVER. It helps the body fight infections just like antibiotics but without any side effects. Silver molecules prevent the multiplication of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi, and reduce the activity of existing ones.
  6. JUNIPER OIL. It has a pronounced antifungal effect and helps even in cases of persistent fungal infections. Juniper is effective even when the body is infected with fungi that resist usual treatment.

Candidol against fungus: it's time to rid yourself of fungus forever!


  • 100% – Freedom from foot fungus
  • 95% – Elimination of itching, laking and cracks
  • 90% – Disappearance of unpleasant odor and sweatiness of feet


An enormous number of patients come to me every day with complaints of nail and foot fungus. This is indeed a very common problem that causes a lot of inconvenience.
Candidol is perfect for treating fungal diseases. This remedy effectively and quickly relieves mycoses even in the most advanced stages. If you or someone in your family has a fungus problem, I advise you try Candidol immediately.

Ben Glover, a dermatologist-venereologist with 22 years of experience


I suffered from foot fungus for quite a while. I get rid of it – it immediately comes back. I had to be treated almost every month. I had never heard of Candidol before, but I read about it on the Internet and decided to try it. I completed the full course and after 4 months I’ve even forgotten what a fungus even is. Finally, a method that actually works. Totally recommend.


“I have never suffered from nail fungus, I have only heard about it and just saw some people’s ugly unkempt fingernails. But this misfortune also befell me. I picked up a fungus at a beauty salon, apparently through a poorly cleaned instrument. The very next day I began to feel itching with the skin around it getting irritated. One of my friends told me about Candidol. With its help I quickly got rid of the fungus.”


”My son hid for a long time that he had a fungus. Good thing my wife noticed how hard he itched and made him visit a dermatologist: the diagnosis was a fungus. The doctor wrote a prescription for Candidol. Our son was himself tired of the constant itching and peeling, so he agreed to use Candidol on his own. 2 weeks later the itching stopped, not a sign of it left.”



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